Which Ney Should I Choose as a Beginner Player

Choosing the right ney for a beginner player is not a simple task.

There are so many type of neys out there and subcategories such as Arabic ney  and Turkish Ney.

So which ney should I choose as a beginner player?

Let start with the first basic distinction.   Arabic Ney Vs Turkish Ney

Plastic or Reed Ney?

So once we have decided which type of ney we want (Arabic or Turkish).

We need to decide from which martial it will be made of; Plastic / Reed.

We are strongly recommended for every player (beginner, advanced or professional) to have a plastic ney.

The plastic neys are very ease to maintain, easier to produce a sound and you can take it with you whenever you want without worries it will break.  

Please watch this video for more highlights.

Which Ney Tuning Should I choose As A Beginner Player?

So now you decided which ney you want to purchase and your next goal is to get the suitable tuning for it  as a beginner player.

The most recommended tuning for you will be the D - Dukah Re or the E - Bolahenk Mi

The main reasons for that are that this type of ney is not too short and not too long, so it will be easier for you to produce the sound and easier to hold it in your hands and play.

Another important fact is that these ney tuning are the most common and will be fitted for most of the Arabic / Turkish music.

Plastic Arabic Ney

In case you have decided to choose a plastic ney let’s listen to the sound of the Re  D - Dukah Re


Let’s listen to the sound Plastic ney E - Bolahenk Mi

Reed Arabic Ney

In case you decided to choose a read ney. let’s listen to the sound of the Re  D - Dukah Re

Let’s listen to the sound reed  ney E - Bolahenk Mi

Premium Reed Ney for Beginner & Professional Players

There are beginner players that from day one will choose to start with premium ney quality.

So, what is a premium ney quality? It means that the reed has been dried for a long time period, the reed has been selected from the top reeds the maker has and the building process will be very accurate and long.

✔ To learn more about Our Arabic Premium Factory CLICK HERE.

✔ To learn more about Our Turkish Premium Factory CLICK HERE.

In case you decided to go on a premium Arabic ney for the long run,

let’s listen to the sound of our premium Arabic D - Dukah Re


let’s listen to the sound of our Premium Arabic E - Bolahenk Mi


let’s listen to the sound of our premium Turkish D - Dukah Re

Our First Class Turkish Crown Ney

If you reach this point and you seek for something even more special,  We will recommend our Turkish First Class Crown Ney.

You can  learn more about this ney in the video below and you will also be able to order the D - Dukah Re or

the E - Bolahenk Mi which are the most common neys as we discussed before (The ney on this video is tunned as B - Kiz which is less recomended for beginner).

More explanations about the Crown ney in this Video.

How to Produce a Sound from My Ney

I bought my first ney from you guys, so how will I make a sound from it?

We are here to help you get progress on your ney Journey. This Journey will change your life…

Watch our ney tutorial and start your daily practice.

I Am Ready To Jump to The Next Level

I am able to make a great sound from my ney and now I want to learn more and jump to the next level.


We are here to help you on that too.  

Our ney course for beginner player will be your next and important stage on your Journey.