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Arab Instruments Reviews

Based on 633 reviews
Love it

I love it , and oh God I get a lot of compliments on it (since I hanged it in my car) ! Great work keep it up!


Quality product!!

The best!

So nice, comfortable and protectable!

Just perfect!

The design, the material, the sound. Very professional job! I am so grateful for my new instrument. Thank you so much!

Very good for private lessons

I live in Canada and it’s hard to find a ney teacher here so I decided to take a lesson with Niri. He asked me to play a little at the beginning of the lesson to gauge my level of playing and he was able to give me personalized exercises for my specific needs. He is a very good teacher!

You will never disappointed

very nice drum, perfect finishing with beautiful sound. reasonable price!

Rifat Varol first class Turkish ney bone

This music instrument is absolutely flawless ! Through playing this ney, person can really discover his true nature.
Thank you !

On the Intermediate Ney Course

Hi everyone. After completing the introductory Ney course I continued with the second and found additional guide, interesting exercises and tips, not just on intonation and mouth position for certain notes, but also on rast and hijaz makams, as well as commas on turkish and arabic music. After doing the exercises I was able to improve to the point of being able to start playing the mansur ney. Before that I could only play the Kiz and smaller ones. I attach video showing my tiny but steady progress. This course can be good for those who having already ability to play tunes on some ney, wish to improve certain aspects. It´s a perfect complement to all the free tunes Niri generously published in YouTube, with an open spirit. I look forward to continuing this fascinating inward journey. Teşekkürler and SaLuz

Thumbs up!

I am super impressed and pleased with with quality and the sound is very unique!

Top Darbuka!

Many thanks to Arab Instruments. Arrived quicker than expected. Sounds great, feels good and feels like it's worth every penny :)

Thank you so much, please share some images for all of us❤

Premium Darbuka Strap
Francois Genolini
Worked great

Used it during a concert and it performed really well. Allows for greater dynamics

Gorgeous alone doesn't describe its Beauty!

I am a dragon collector, so for that reason alone, I bought this drum. I was beyond pleasantly surpised by the stunnning blue pearl and technical details of the dragons.
And, then the playability and sound are, simply put, WOW! Thanks Arab Instruments.

On Ney Course #1

Stuying and practicing with the introductory Ney course has been of great help to add up a systematic approach and practice particular aspects (expressive dynamics, color, different vibrato types, scale patterns...), and even an additional basis for the meditative approach, using the instrument as a form of breathing prayer, attention, body intelligence, etc. Niri is a great teacher, really committed to communicate with passion, and the course is a great complement to all the free lessons already publish in YouTube with tunes, makams and so on. I recommend it both for beginners and those which already had some initial experience, learning a few tunes etc (like myself). I look forward to keep practicing with the other lessons. Warm wishes from Spain

5 stars

Perfect sound & looks great
Thankyou very much arab instruments

I haven’t used it yet

Premium Darbuka Strap
Sfichi Claudiu-Alexandru

Premium Darbuka Strap

Excellent Ney

Very nicely crafted instrument, the sound is mellow and beautiful. Tuning is really good. I also benefited from great guidance of the store and kind advice from the ney maker in person

Thumbs up

Super awesome case! High quality at its best!


I haven’t been so excited since I bought my first guitar when I was 12 years old. I absolutely love this instrument. I can’t stop practicing. I am a complete amateur as far as the Ney is concerned and my sound is inconsistent but even so the sound of this beautiful rifat varol mansour Ney seems to be coming from all over the room and out of my body and saturating my mind all at once. It is such a beautiful sound!
And I haven’t been so happy about the process of buying anything ever. It was so easy to order on line. The videos I had seen from Niri had inspired me and I knew exactly what I wanted. The Ney arrived pretty quickly to Australia and it was so exciting to see all the Turkish postal markings on it. And a hand written note. The hard case is beautiful The Ney is so beautiful to look at and smells really nice and as I said the sound is heavenly.

My wife has started asking me to practice at night to help her get to sleep! 😂😂😂 (I promise it’s not my playing it’s just the wonderful sound of the instrument)

Your service and support been really wonderful from the very first Niri videos to the promotion delivery and your quick responses to questions. It’s all very much appreciated.
BarakAllahu fikum

Thank you very much for your words❤

A question

About to order and i just want to know that does it come with some kind of bag or packaging? If someone can tell ill be grateful.

You can buy a case here:
This model doesn't come with a case.


A great 1:1 class with Niri

Niri combines the experience and knowledge of the ney with a talent to teach and that hour with him has put me on a great path forward with this instrument. He quickly assessed where I was along the learning curve and gave me plenty of exercises for offline practice.
I'll keep coming back and doing more sessions with him in the future.
Highly recommended.

Nice n' Tight

You guys really delivered - and quickly - to my Toronto pad. The hand-hammered copper drum has a wonderful shine and smooth finish. I'm no drumming ace yet, but look forward to many hours spent with this baby on my thigh, practicing beats. Good stuff! - Bill

Ney Lesson for Beginners - Mini Practical Course #1

Fast delivery and excellent drum sound !

Good service and fast delivery. The parcel fully protected. So great!