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Arab Instruments Reviews

Based on 545 reviews
Great sound and design

It sounds pretty good and arrived tuned correctly, the accessories are functional and the design is very nice.

Thankful for this Ney -my heart is happy

I had a plastic Kawala from Mr. Niri and many years ago I had various reed Ney I bought many years ago in Hadramaut, Yemen. The Seyyyed Ahmad Abdul Ghani Ney is so masterfully made and rich in tone. I am honored to have it.

Thank you so much

I am very satisfied.

The package took 21 days to arrive in Canada.
The ney is in perfect condition.
It has a nice finish and a very nice sound.

Stunning picture

Good flute

I like this kawala. It plays and sounds well.

Quality instrument

The construction of this ney is really well done. It looks sleek and professional while also feeling very sturdy for plastic. Playing this ney is a breeze and the notes are clear and beautiful. The packaging for the ney is also excellent, I don't think anyone could damage the instrument during shipping if they wanted to. Overall a very good instrument!


I absolutely love the ney. It sounds lovely and feels and looks incredibly beautiful. Every time I pick it up it feels like a special event. Love it.

Great instrument

Amazing sounds, very clear and powerful!

I love this flute!

I received my flute Monday and I'm able now to get clear, resonant, beautiful sound out of it. I learn quick and I'm richly rewarded.

Cow Horn Reeshe

High quality reeshe, once I played with a cow horn reeshe, I can’t even think about going back to plastic. Definitely worth the investment. And the shipping to the US is quicker than expected. Thank you!


Kawala is the musical instrument of my heart !
Thank you !

With his experience, humility, and kindness, Niri makes for the best teacher that a nayati can ask for. It does not matter your skill level, he knows how to teach.

Thank you so much


So well made and so practical I feel great knowing my sweet beautiful baglama can travel and be protected.


Ho acquistato il corso ma mi sono accorto che ho bisogno di fare ancora tanto esercizio di base... Ma alcune informazioni sono utili anche ad un principiante...
Seguo spesso Niri che trovo molto bravo, io conosco poco l'inglese e quindi guardo e riguardo ed ogni volta scopro qualcosa di nuovo.
Forse potreste tradurre in italiano, ma non credo che ci siano molti italiani che vogliono o suonano il ney. Ho trovato in rete corsi ed eventi ma del 2008,nulla di recente.
Io ho 66 anni e forse intorno ai 70 riuscirò a suonare qualcosa, intanto la prendo come una meditazione. Infatti solo con la pratica il corpo è la mente riescono a produrre suoni accettabili... Credo che non ci sia altro strumento musicale come il ney che permetta questa esperienza.
Un abbraccio a tutti.

Darbuka Defender

Great product keep my Darbuka safe from scratches and dents on the bottom, I can safely set it on the floor knowing it is not going to get damaged. Love it

Sombaty Plus Darbuka

Darbuka is very good in quality and aesthetically appealing and plays very well, very fast delivery which was awesome.

Gawharet El Fan Simple Case For Darbuka / Doumbek #33

Gawharet El Fan Sombaty,Doumnek the Green Betterfly

Absolutely love it!!!!

Love the picture!!!

Premium Darbuka Strap
Chris Theocharides

Great product great service

4 Miniature Metal Darbuka / Doumbek KeyChains Set

A very rich riq and beautifully made

This riq is heavy (2 lb 20 oz or 907 grams), but the constructions is solid, clean, and the cymbals are loud and rich. The weight of the cymbals allows playing in closed position and the cymbals stay silent easily. Open the cymbals and everyone can hear them. It's actually difficult to play this riq quietly. Two things to note - I ordered from Arab Instruments but the riq was shipped by Sala Muzik. I like Sala Musik, too, so I am happy and it is the same riq shown on both websites. The other is the description is a little wrong. The skin is not 22cm, it is closer to 20.5cm. But that is fine. It is a wonderful riq I have already enjoyed playing in performances, but anyone looking to replace the head should have the correct measurements.

Great case, strongly built and with good options

I give this case five stars for it's quality and options. Backpack straps, shoulder strap and a handle, plus a riq compartment, an accessory pocket and rubber feet to protect the bottom. I have some suggestions for improvements - if the walls of the case were reinforced with plastic or fiberglass, the case would hold up better and possibly stand up without falling over (I keep a metronome and zills in the accessory pocket so it is unbalanced). A pocket for an extra head in the riq section would be great. The tuning key pocket in the riq compartment is too loose, the keys fall out easily. I slid a long magnet inside and use that to hold my tuning keys. These are not complaints, just ways that a great bag could be made better.

Nice drum

Very nice. They included a weird lamp attachment with it. I bought the drum to play, not as a decoration piece so a little amused at the extra hardware :). A nice gesture…but wholly unnecessary.

Thank you for the feedback, the lamp is for stretching the skin (by the warm of the lamp) before the playing not for a decoration....:)


One of the best and rarest darbukas, you can ever own and I’m happy to say that I am an owner of this beautiful sombaty plus darbuka. Thank you to Arab Instruments for this beautiful gift🙌🏻

utile e necessaria

sono molto contento di aver acquistato il corso , perchè ho trovato Niri dopo tanti tutorial su come iniziare e suonare il ney e mi è piaciuto subito per la sua chiarezza. Anche se so poco l'inglese dopo pochi giorni ho incominciato a produrre suoni da i miei ney che costruisco con tubi di plastica da elettricista e idraulico. trovo il corso utile e necessario e ho preso anche il seguente data la chiarezza delle spiegazioni e degli esercizi.
Bravo Niri e grazie per il tuo impegno e il cuore che ci metti nel trasmettere questa pratica.
Mi sono innamorato del ney attarverso una serie televisiva che in realtà ne conteneva molto poco ma è stato amore a prima vista... sono anziano e spero di riuscire a suonare abbastanza bene nei prossimi anni... comunque la prendo come una meditazione tra cuore e respiro.

Thank you very much ❤


Thanx for your service i Appreciate it. this is the best darbuka and sound i ever had u guys awesome

You are most welcome, thank you