Hey Guys, This is Niri, Your ney player from arabinstruments.com

Like many professional ney players around the world, I have always searched for the ultimate Turkish ney.
The good news is that i have found it, The excellent news are that it is finally available on our website with all possible tuning and accessories.
So why do i call it the "Farray" , the "First class" of Turkish neys in the world? The answer is right below.

Rifat Ney - Re D Dukah Tuning

The maker of these excellent neys is Rifat.
He is considered an expert in Turkey and has years and years of experience in making premium neys. Rifat uses special methods in order to dry his reeds before they become a ney.
He dries every reed for a period of 1.5 - 2 years and avoid exposing the reed to a direct sun during this time, something that keeps the reed in it's best original shape.

Rifat working on his ney factory

These reeds are impeccable, they grew up in a rich water environment so they are very thick, strong and wide.They look stunning and suntanned.

The Bashpare (mouthpiece) is the heart and sole, the diamond of this premium ney.
The inner side made of horn so it gives the sound a smooth feeling. It easier the produce the sound, it gives you an organic feeling and it takes the playing into an all new level.
The outer side of the Bashpare made of a walnut wood which gives it a stunning design, so the combination between this Bashpare and reed gives it an amazing impact.

Rifat Ney - Kiz B Tuning

The important thing is, that Rifat makes these ney according to my specification and to Arab Instruments high standards,
which means you are actually getting the same neys i use in my work all around the world, something that makes me optimistic and assured with your playing progress.

It took us a long time to get these Turkish neys for you and here in Arab Instruments we are so proud that each and every one of you will be able to take his ney playing to the next level. 

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