A lot have been said about ney makers from all around the world but in this review we would like
to share with you our feelings to a unique ney maker from the middle east - Ahmad Abd El Ghani (Nuda).

Nuda has earned a reputation of one of the top Arabic ney maker in the middle east. Professional players
who seek for a unique sweet sound or the accurate Arabic timbre find their joy when they get one of his neys.

Building process
Ahmad Abd El Ghani's neys go threw a long process until they are ready for playing. First he chooses the right reed
to work with and make sure it is suitable for building a ney.
On the second part (and the longest one) Nuda takes all his reeds he has collected and dry them in a close place
(which has not expose to a direct sun) for about two years.Right after the drying period, Ahmad Abd El Ghani start with his secret building process and brings magic to all of his golden neys.In the end of the process his neys looks absolutely amazing, has the most beautiful crying sound we have ever faced before and
smell so good (he uses his secret oil).
Demonstration of "Ahmad Abd El Ghani" Ney.
When Nuda build his neys for Arab Instruments, he pays attention to all our high standard specifications and every ney is perfectly tuned.
Since Ahmad Abd El Ghani is also a ney player, the results of his work is one of a kind and when you get one of his Arabic ney,
you definitely find a friend for life.It is hard for us to express our joy from Ahmad Abd El Ghani's premium neys and we do recommend for every ney or kawala player to do all they can
in order to have at list one ney from his blessed hands.
Demonstration of "Ahmad Abd El Ghani" Ney.