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(Tuning D - Dukah - Re) Ahmad Abd El Ghani Premium Arabic Ney

Sale price$170.00

  • Premium Arabic Ney
  • Length: 23.58" (60 cm)
  • Tuning: D - Dukah - RE
  • Maker: Ahmad Abd El Ghani
  • Free Shipping
  • Material: Quality Egyptian reed

Free Shipping

Hand Made

Highest Quality

SKU: Premium Egyptian Ney D - Dukah #1

The Number 1 Arabic Ney
(Tuning D - Dukah - Re) Ahmad Abd El Ghani Premium Arabic Ney Sale price$170.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Abdul-Qadir Wiswall
Thankful for this Ney -my heart is happy

I had a plastic Kawala from Mr. Niri and many years ago I had various reed Ney I bought many years ago in Hadramaut, Yemen. The Seyyyed Ahmad Abdul Ghani Ney is so masterfully made and rich in tone. I am honored to have it.

Thank you so much

Dušan Hřebíček
Thank you

Hi, please, let me express my gratitude.
I bought your Arabic ney premium- dukah and what I have got is an excellent instrument of hight quality. Even though I'm still learning the basics, the actuall play is already very satisfying and gives me a lot of pleasure. Thank you again.
Best wishes,

Hajrudin L.
Ney ney ney

Wonderfull instrument . All good .. thanks guys

Dino Lindov

Perfect ney ,, :) Sound great ,, soft and silky ,, thank you Niri an all you guys for helping me selecting ney for my self ..... Also best regards for Ahmad Abd El Ghani.


Thank you Dino, You are the best!

My favorite ney!

I am very pleased with this instrument. I am especially happy with the kaba range, but it also plays well all the way to the top. (The ney I received is relatively wide and perhaps that's, in part, why it has such good low notes.)

I use the ney (and other instruments) for improvising and accompanying poets. This ney can be very expressive.

Excellent workmanship.