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Article: The Best ways to keep your darbuka in a perfect condition

Best ways to protect your darbuka / doumbek

The Best ways to keep your darbuka in a perfect condition

The magic of Darbuka Drums is in the sounds it releases.

The drums are fragile, especially those covered with pearls or made out of clay/ceramic. These materials need protection from scratches and cracks. Having cracks on your darbuka drum head will definitely change the sound it releases, so the safest option is to protect it.

That said, there are several misconceptions about the darbuka drum, its origin, history, types, and even how to protect it. So, how can you protect it perfectly?

A lot of players invest in expensive darbuka for its quality and beauty. But all of that can go away if they fail to protect it the right way. A new darbuka drum can quickly deteriorate in its performance and beauty if it's not well protected and perfectly taken care.

One thing every darbuka player must know is that you can't keep or carry around your darbuka naked. It must always be in a Premium case if you want it protected from damages. It doesn't need direct sunlight, exposure to moisture, and contact with anything that could scratch it.

A darbuka drummer easily gets attached to his drum. The ecstatic sound and the player's thought connects and are often met with emotions. But the drum requires some level of protection. And there are three most effective ways to protect your darbuka drum perfectly.


How to Protect Your Darbuka Drum Perfectly

The first step to protecting your darbuka drum is to get a case for it. Carrying your darbuka around without a case opens up the risk of cracks and tears. Even when not in use, keeping it somewhere without a case exposes it to dust, moist and possible damage.

1. Arab Instruments Premium Case - Best for overall protection

The Premium case is designed especially for darbuka drums, both for storage and ease of movement. It comes with top-quality zippers (YKK) and protective layers (sponge and palziv). It also has a waterproof base layer at the bottom with two thick padded shoulder straps.

The case fabric is high quality, and there's an extra cell for the tambourine with free darbuka key chain.

Key Features

  • Waterproof base layer at the bottom
  • Protective layers (sponge and palziv)
  • Top-quality zippers (YKK)
  • High-quality fabric
  • Two thick padded shoulder straps
  • Extra cell for the tambourine
  • FREE Darbuka key-chain


2. Arab Instruments Head and Skin Protector -  Great protection for every darbuka

While it is always important to put the drum in a case, it is also important to cover the drum head/skin with a protector. It is this skin protector that prevents tears and cracks.

The Arab instruments skin protector is great for aluminum, mother of pearls & clay darbuka.

Key Features

  • Made of a breathing fabric
  • Will fit to almost every darbuka
  • Will protect goatskin, fish skin, and plastic skin from scratches
  • Looks stunning on the darbuka
  • Easy to install and take off.


3. Arab Instrument Darbuka Defender - Best for protecting the darbuka drum bottom

The Arab Instrument Darbuka Defender fits perfectly with lower diameter darbuka drums a side-to-side measurement of 7.66" to 8.84" (19.5 cm to 22.5 cm). It comes in either transparent white or black color and is made of top-quality polyester and silicon.

It takes about 10 seconds to install and can be taken off and on very easily. Also, it protects the most fragile areas of the darbuka perfectly and will not affect the darbuka's sound in any way.

Key Features

  • Transparent white / black
  • 10 seconds installation
  • Made of top-quality polyester and silicon
  • Doesn't affect the darbuka sound
  • Very easy to take on and off
  • Protects the fragile areas of the darbuka
  • Made by Arab instruments


What to avoid in order to keep your darbuka safe

Don't store your darbuka drum in the garage or attic if you have other options. Any metallic part of the drum can corrode in a moist environment.

Also, don't leave your darbuka drum in the sun (play under some shade). This will eventually lead to moisture issues. And also, avoid putting other instruments with sharp edges in your Darbuka Premium case.



Every instrument is cherished for the sound they produce and the way they make us feel. And they are only a few things that can alter the sound of an instrument; one of them is damage to key areas that make the sound.

The head/skin is the most crucial area for the darbuka drum, and it must always be protected. Damage to other parts of the instrument can also be devastating, but not the head remains key. So, getting a Darbuka head protector and darbuka defender isn't enough; you need to have the whole drum protected by placing it in a Premium case.

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