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A New NFT Collection in the Market.

Darbuka Meta is the first to transform the darbuka drums into an NFT collection, and it was through them that the reflection of ancient Egyptian culture was introduced into the digital realm. Each darbuka drum in the collection has a real presence and was / is available for sale on our website.

NFT Background

Cryptocurrency is no longer limited to bitcoin, Ethereum, or alt-coins that trade on exchanges daily. The non-fungible token is the relative newcomer to the neighborhood. NFTs have risen to become the most popular thing on the planet. A completely new pool is established, with collections from all around the world contributing to it. Darbuka Meta has now entered the pool with some major goals in mind but first, let's take a closer look at what these NFTs are, how do they work, and can they be created.

What are NFTs and How do NFTs work?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a token that cannot be exchanged for other tokens in the same manner. In other words, an NFT is a unique token on the blockchain that cannot be duplicated or replaced in any way. Among the many types of digital assets that can be considered NFTs are drawings, music, photos, movies, and any other type of digital asset. It's important to note, however, that NFTs aren't limited to digital art; they may also be used to symbolize ownership of any unique thing, such as a deed for a digital or physical asset. To put it another way, they are blockchain currencies that can be transferred but not replicated.

Most of the NFTs are on the Ethereum cryptocurrency's blockchain, which is a public record of transactions. There are a lot of different NFTs that have valuable information inside of them.

The value they have is mostly determined by the market and demand, so they can be bought and sold like other types of art. To make sure that NFTs are owned by the right people and that tokens are transferred between owners, they have unique data that can be checked.

Understanding NFT is essential before investing in them, but another component that you should be aware of is the process of creating an NFT, which will enlighten you about its authenticity.

How NFTs are created:

As previously stated, NFTs may be any digital material to which you have intellectual property rights. A meme, a photograph, a sketch, a piece of music, or any other digital asset generated by you, for example, is just a unique digital asset that individuals, as the owner of that asset, could convert into an NFT.

First, a blockchain network to “encode” any digital asset is decided. Blockchain technology is often used in cryptocurrencies to secure and store transaction data in encoded blocks that create an unalterable chain. No need for trusted third parties to confirm trades. You just snap a photo of your item, convert it to a digital file using blockchain, and post it on a well-known NFT market. An NFT's uniqueness needs to have a real-world presentation.

We have now reviewed all of the fundamentals of NFT that one needs to be aware of to examine a quality NFT collection in front. Now let's take a look at the DARBUKA META.

Our Project "Darbuka Meta":

In contrast to your typical NFT collection, Darbuka Meta is a depiction of an entire cultural tradition. We take great pride in our job and provide genuine care. Every model is produced by hand and has a real-life counterpart in the actual world. Some of them are adorned with blue mother of pearls, while others are adorned with Japanese white pearls. You will also discover models that have magnificent Armenian / Egyptian / Modern art on their bodies.

Darbuka Meta is the first to transform the darbuka drums into an NFT collection, and it was through them that the reflection of ancient Egyptian culture was introduced into the digital realm. Each darbuka drum in the collection has a real presence which was / is available for sale on our website.

As an NFT collection, its mission is to present every darbuka player with a one-of-a-kind darbuka that is unique to them. Almost all of the darbuka drums in their "Darbuka Meta" collection have undergone a time-consuming and intricate procedure that gives them the appearance of a painting along with their genuine structure which makes them seem so magnificent and distinctive.


Every day hundreds of new collections are launched on multiple NFT platforms like, rarible, Foundation, etc. Most NFTs launched have no proper vision or roadmap in place. Darbuka stands out with multiple unique qualities.

1) First-ever NFT to introduce the darbuka drums
2) A cultural history backs up the collection.
3) 1000+ NFTs to present in the market through OpenSea the largest NFT market
4) Every owner of a darbuka NFT has the ownership of a unique design.
5) Our goal is to bring these NFTs in metaverses such as Decentraland or Sandbox.


As previously been stated, the collection will be bringing about 1000+ NFTs onto the market, most of which are currently in use in real-world applications. In the year 2022, the collection will be officially launched between April and May on the platform of OpenSea, One of the biggest NFT markets and a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital artifacts, and crypto collectibles.

Another incredible opportunity from Arab Instruments is that all of our clients who purchase a mother of pearl darbuka or an Oud musical instrument between March & April 22 will be able to get a FREE NFT from our DARBUKA META collection.

How to Claim Your NFT?

In order to get a FREE exclusive NFT from DARBUKA META collection you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you buy / bought from us during March / April 22 a mother of pearl darbuka or an oud musical instrument.
  2. reply us back from your order email (with the same mail of your order) and provide your wallet address.
  3. Once we will verify and approve your request, we will send to your wallet address a unique NFT from the DARBUKA META collection.

*** In case you have provided a wrong wallet number, we will not be able to send you another NFT.


Darbuka Meta is all set to take over the market of NFT with its unique collection. The collection satisfies every need for a genuine NFT, from having a huge collection via having a distinct history to the availability of real presentation in reality and offering them for sale at their website. This collection will astonish any NFT enthusiast who can distinguish the finest of the best in the NFT universe.

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