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Article: Where to Find the Best Oud Case In The World

Where to Find the Best Oud Case In The World

Where to Find the Best Oud Case In The World

If you decide to invest on an oud case, you have to go with Arab Instruments. We are proud to offer our first class oud case to protect your stringed instrument, along with the new keychain which is a replica of the popular Farid El Atrash Oud.

When you purchase Arab Instruments, you will be able to get a new case for the Oud. Most online stores that sell instruments offer cases that are made from cheap materials. Oftentimes, you will have problems with faulty zippers and bad fabrics. However, if you shop with us, you can expect the best solution to pack your instrument.

Getting a professional oud case is very easy. The oud soft case is made from the finest material to ensure better protection, and this is suited for professional players. The good news is that when you get the case, you will also get a free stunning oud keychain attached to it.


What can you expect from the soft and hard oud case? The unique design offers the following:

  • YKK quality zippers
  • The case’s external fabric is made from premier quality material
  • Inside the oud case, you can find four protective layers
  • The pegbox is a fragile area that needs extra protection; the case has an extra padded layer to address this issue
  • Solid carry handle (on top), another carry handle on the side and shoulder straps are thickly padded for extra comfort
  • The logo of Arab Instruments is hand-weaved at the top as an original product made by Arab Instruments
  • Size A4 additional padded pocket where you can put some of your music sheet
  • Extra Padded pocket for mobile, wallet and oud reeshe

Whether you have a small or large oud, the case can offer the perfect fit.

Your oud deserves only the best instrument case that you can find in the market. Instead of buying the oud cases from a different store, you can now find everything you need in one convenient place. If you hurry and shop now, you can take advantage of the free keychain.

Why not check out the soft and hard cases? This is the perfect time to invest on a protective case that will ensure the safety of your precious instrument.


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