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Article: Sombaty Plus Darbuka - Everything You Need to Know

Sombaty Plus Darbuka - All Facts

Sombaty Plus Darbuka - Everything You Need to Know

What is so fascinating about Sombaty plus Darbuka?

What do you want the most in your musical instrument? Whether it is a wide variety of perfectly-tuned sounds and timbres, durability, or aesthetics, sombaty plus darbukas have it all. This fascinating musical masterpiece has a unique structure and looks intriguing with a hint of royalty. Once you learn to control and play a sombaty plus darbukas, you’ll be the king of the stage.


What is a Sombaty plus Darbuka?

A sombaty plus darbuka is a contemporary darbuka made in Egypt by Arab Instruments. The art of making darbukas has evolved for thousands of years along with the materials. They are made using aluminum covers with white mother of pearl, blue pearls from Australian coasts, and special Japanese pearls. Some craftsmen decorate their darbukas with wood and pearls. Experienced manufacturers like Arab Instruments use malleable aluminum and traditional craftsmanship to create breathtaking sombaty plus darbuka. These beautifully hand-crafted darbukas are made with an extra layer of aluminum compared to the regular sombaty. Arab Instruments’ unique darbuka-making technique was handed down and perfected for several generations. A sombaty plus darbuka weighs about 13.86 lbs. or 6.3 kg, and it also stands a little higher than regular sombaty darbukas.



Before the invention of sombaty plus darbuka in 2012, musicians could only play solo darbuka and sombaty darbuka. Many players were looking for a drum that combines the strong, distinct sounds of the sombaty darbuka with the lower bass from the dohola darbuka. So, we put our expertise in traditional darbuka craftsmanship to work and built the sombaty plus darbuka. It blends the sounds of the sombaty darbuka and dohola darbuka to give players the drum of their dreams. This awe-inspiring drum caters to the needs of all darbuka players.


Sombaty Plus Darbuka covers with pearls


What is so special about a Sombaty plus Darbuka?

Each sombaty plus darbuka strikes a balance between sound quality, aesthetics, durability, and authenticity. It can spice up the music, deliver immersive experiences, and give your audience a show of a lifetime. To have full control of your sombaty plus darbuka, place it on your leg during your performance. Its weight sits on your leg like a rock. The drum will not move around when you’re playing, which allows you to focus on entertaining the audience. 

black sparks darbuka


Spice up your music performance.

Whether it is a concert, live performance, or recorded session, you can rely on a sombaty plus darbuka to capture your audience. It can hold their attention with high-quality sounds and breathtaking visuals. These fascinating instruments produce distinct and perfectly-tuned sounds, from intense bass to higher-pitched timbres. They are synonymous with the Middle East’s oriental music and belly dancing. You can buy a sombaty plus darbuka to spice up your concert or live performance with a dash of sensuous belly-dancing rhythms.


The Sound is so good...


Stand out from the crowd.

Arab Instruments' sombaty plus darbuka is painstakingly customized by hand with genuine mother of pearl. Each pearl is pasted creatively one at a time to attain one-of-kind designs that can help you stand out from the crowd. These beautifully decorated darbukas come with intricate designs. Each piece is unique, intriguing, and attention-grabbing.

Buy sombaty Plus Doumbek



Aluminum is strong and malleable, making Arab Instruments' sombaty plus darbuka one of the most durable darbukas on the market. They are multi generational instruments and will serve you, your children, and grandchildren without losing their beautiful curves and sounds.



Japanese White pearls


Easy to play and multi-genre.

The sombaty plus darbuka is easy to play. You can learn to play acoustic beats professionally using sombaty plus darbuka within a shorter period than other drums. It is also multi-genre and compatible with slow classics, belly dances, and Western music.

Sombaty plus darbuka can meet all your musical needs. But first, you have to buy the right sombaty plus darbuka. This is where Arab Instruments’ collection of beautiful sombaty plus darbukas comes in handy. At Arab Instruments, there is one beautifully designed sombaty plus darbuka just waiting for you.

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