Things you need to know about us

Who Are We?

As a company located in the Middle East, we have access to a variety of Arab Instruments. We have warehouses in the USA and in the Middle East, we are using the most progressive packing techniques and we have 100% delivery successes. We have the experience and the knowledge to send those fragile items overseas. Our goal is to ensure that wherever you are, our "Authentic Music Instrument Collection" will be accessible to you.

Our Musical Instruments

We have a unique collection which are selectively imported from their countries of origin: Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and more. All of our instruments such as Oud and Darbuka are handmade, usually using traditional methods passed for generations from father to son. We invest a lot of effort to allocate those instruments, which sometime are found at small workshops in distant villages.

Our Customers

We have customers in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and also the Far East. We are the only musical instruments online shop who offers a FREE shipping arrangements worldwide. **For several countries free shipping will not be available

why buy from us

We are trying to deliver the best possible customer service to our clients by using our experience and expertise in this domain. Just stay glued to our website and you will definitely be able to grab the best deal.

Choose an instrument after listening to its sound sample. Sound samples are available for almost all the Arab instruments on the store such as Oud, Doumbek, Riq and Ney.

Feedback & Reviews

Here in Arab Instruments we take very seriously our customers reviews and we do whatever we can in order to progress our products and services. Whenever you buy a musical instrument or a accessories, we would be grateful to receive a feedback from you.

You can leave us any comment or question via our mail, our feedback system (the orange rectangle on the bottom right) or leave a review for your product that you have just purchased.

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