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Arab Instruments Egyptian Oud Blue Pearl #121

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Product Highlights
  • Special Decorated Edition
  • Pegs: Ebony
  • Ebony Pegs
  • Face: Sider
  • Brand: Arab Instruments
  • Free soft case & reeshe
SKU: Egyptian Oud #121

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great choice

I am not blaming myself to choose it. I like it  alot.

very remarkably beautiful instrument

This instrument arrived as described, with a small defect on the soundboard. The fellows at the shop were very excited to see the new instrument, even though they had worked on my other Oud, because of its exceptionally skilled and beautiful workmanship and exquisite wood choice. However, there were a couple of other problems. When the bowl was finished, it was set down slightly wet, or onto something like a piece of fabric which was humid, which spoiled the finish in two places about 5 inches round. The nap of the fabric is permanently marked and embedded in the finish. My luthier has it to address those areas. He feels confident that the finish can be restored to smoothness. The pegs are a bit problematic as the string holes look like they were drilled before the pegs were fitted into the peg box, in the middle of the peg, as opposed to slightly towards the side of the peg box that the string would be wound to: for example, the left side of the box would have ideally had string holes slightly to the left of centre of the peg box. Also, the strings were not strung in either of the usual orders, and all had to be removed from the pegs to re-string in one of the usual ways. The silver wound strings are also already oxidized – yellowed with brown patches. I ordered a new set of strings. The pegs themselves: a couple of the pegs were shaped too much and so the narrow end protrudes past the peg box itself when the peg was seated fully. Itâ€:tm:s easy enough to sand down the protruding ends, however, this leaves the other ends of the pegs not matching up with the slope of the peg box. Since it's impossible to colour match a new peg, I had to order a whole set of 12 replacement pegs. All-in-all, itâ€:tm:s a magnificent Oud and Iâ€:tm:m extremely happy to have it. I hope you can respond with some help for the areas that needed attention: the finish, the strings, and the pegs. Do please let me know. All the best, Joanne Peters

i want to order one

i want to order one but its written that its out of stock

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