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(Tuning Do, C Yiladiz) Arab Instruments Plastic Ney 26.33" Gold

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  • Hand made
  • Length: 26.33" (67 cm)
  • Tuning: Do, C Yiladiz
  • Maker: Niri Sadeh
  • Free Shipping
  • Material: Special Plastic
SKU: Ney Gold Tuning Do - C Yiladiz

Customer Reviews

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Great sound. Good range (first

Great sound. Good range (first through fourth registers).

For me, a useful feature is that the thumb hole is closer to the top three finger holes than on my other yildiz neys. My hands do not have a wide stretch and I normally have trouble with the yildiz size, but it is easy and a pleasure to play this ney.

(I recommend closing the bottom finger hole, in addition to the appropriate top holes, when sounding the top three notes of the fourth register and the first of the fifth register. Then the notes speak more easily. This is my experience. Your results may differ.)

In my limited experience I

In my limited experience I find the plastic neys stronger in the low register. After some months of practice I am able to achieve beautiful, haunting low tones in the first octave of this yildiz ney. It is a challenging size to play for me (I'm 5'6") but I am able to reach all holes adequately. Cosmetically I find this gold paint gorgeous.

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