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(Tuning Kiz, Si - B) Arab Instruments Professional Plastic Ney 28.68" Blue

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  • Hand made
  • Length: 28.68" (73cm)
  • Tuning: Kiz, Si - B
  • Maker: Niri Sadeh
  • Free Shipping
  • Material: Special Plastic
SKU: Plastic-Ney-Kiz

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Damn fine ney

First of all, i'm more accustomed to turkish neys, so i fit my ney with baspare, which was really easy, standard size baspares fit nicely to this ney.

I had two problems playing neys, first is that reed neys(or at least ones that i have) are almost always out of tune, which makes it a pain to play with other instruments, like piano or guitar, which i do all the time. It's good to pick ney that would fit your blowing style and be well tuned out of a dozen on market, but with online shopping it's impossible.

The second problem is a very quiet low register, bottom notes on kiz or mansur especially.

And i'm happy to say that Niri's plastic ney solved all those problems for me, it's really well-tuned and doesn't require too strong or too weak blowing for any notes. And it's low register is at least two times stronger sounding then my reed kiz ney!

On other matters, it doesn't grow black mould, neither requires oiling. I like the paint work too. This ney is at least 25 % heavier then reed one.


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