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(Tuning Supurde, Re Bayat D) Arab Instruments Professional Plastic Ney 23.58" Blue

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  • Hand made
  • Length: 23.58" (60cm)
  • Tuning: Supurde, Re bayat
  • Maker: Niri Sadeh
  • Free Shipping
  • Material: Special Plastic
SKU: Plastic Ney 23.58" Blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent first three registers

This is an interesting instrument. It's construction differs in several ways from reed neys. Most significantly, it has a perfectly cylindrical bore, without any constriction near the mouthpiece. So it will have a slightly different character than reed neys.

In my opinion, a great feature is the first register (lowest notes) where the kaba effect works very well to play rich and loud notes. The second and third registers speak easily with a great sound.

I give it 5 stars, but I do find the fourth register difficult. I cannot sound the F in the fourth register (top two holes closed) on this ney unless I close the bottom hole too.

Pyar T.
Very good stuff

I'm very happy with this Ney, the sound is nice, it comes quickly and the staff is very reactive !

Happy with my ney!

I originally bought a much larger reed ney and had much difficulty because of the size. After watching Niri's video on which ney I should choose, I decided to try his suggestion of the supurde ney. It was a good choice as my skill (which isn't much right now) went up much more than what it was. Also, with it being plastic it is much more durable and is not prone to getting mold on the inside as the reed one is (my climate is a little on the wet side right now). I look forward to purchasing a kawala in the future, after I'm a little better on the supurde of course ;)

Very nice and thanks to al of you!!!

CALLE Centre

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