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(Tuning D Dukah - Re) Arab Instruments Big Professional Egyptian Arghul

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  • Split to 4 parts
  • Hand made - Original Size
  • Length: 34.19" (87 centimeter)
  • Tuning: D - Dukah - R
  • Brand:Arab Instruments
  • Free Shipping
  • Material: Egyptian Reed
SKU: Big Arghul Re D Dukah

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Studio FLG
Just Marvellous

Drone sound quality is rich and solid, as expected, and the melody pipe really sings

Vaun Raymond
A very special instrument

The Arghul is a special instrument with a haunting, raspy and very ancient sound. It can be challenging to get started, but after that it’s fun to play.

When I first got the instrument the reeds were stuck closed and made no sound at all. I fixed this by running a piece of carpet thread under the reed tongues and leaving it there for a few hours to gently open the tongues. Now I slip the thread under the tongues whenever I’m not playing.

To get the two reeds in tune with each other, I found it helpful to attach a blob of beeswax to the tongue of the drone reed, adjust the weight of the blob and move it up and down the tongue until the two reeds play in harmony.

The Arghul comes with spare reeds attached, but unfortunately they seem to be more decorative than useful. I tried adjusting them, but have not succeeded in getting them to play in tune. I bought two Arghuls and a similar Mijwiz from this company, and the case is the same with all three: the spare reeds don’t work. Happily, the primary reeds are custom-made for each instrument and work well. I am happy with all three instruments.

The Arguhul has a limited range of only eight notes, but I was excited to discover that you can achieve a ninth note by overblowing and tightening your cheeks with all the holes uncovered.

We appreciate your reviews and feedback. We acknowledge that the Arghul is a unique and ancient musical instrument that may require adjustments in certain cases. Thank you once again for taking the time to share your review with us. Your input is valuable to us as we strive to provide the best experience for our customers.

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