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Tuning the Oud

What is an Oud?

Oud is a stringed instrument, which is often considered as the predecessor of the western lute. It is assumed that the name “Oud” has been derived from the Arabic for 'wood'. This instrument is mainly used in the Middle Eastern music. Though oud is not that difficult to play, there is a particular method of playing this musical instrument. Like most other acoustic instruments, oud also requires to be tuned at all times during practice or performance. There are usually different oud tunning methods, following which you can tune your instrument. Some such most-accepted methods are discussed below:

Oud Tuning Methods

You can use electronic tuner that listens to your pitch and also gives feedback. This method is comparatively easier than other methods. In fact, it is the perfect method for the beginners since it produces consistent results. Another oud tunning method is to take pitches from another instrument. Usually, the oud players tune the strings of her oud by listening to the pitch. This method is mainly preferred due to its speed. In this oud tunning, the players tune their instrument by actively using their ears. Apart from this, there is also a method, where only oud tunning is done by ear. According to this method, the payer is able to hear when the oud goes out of tune and fixes it. The main advantage of this procedure is that you won’t need to check all the strings every time; instead you can fix only that string, which is out of tune.

Tuning the Oud by Ear

Now you may want to know how oud tunning by ear can be done? The procedure is mentioned below: First choose one course as a reference. This course usually tends to be more stable with humidity and temperature than the higher pitched, plastic C or G. However, always make sure that the pair of strings in your reference course is in harmony. Apart from this, you should also not forget that one string should be tuned at a time. This procedure is not that difficult to be followed. So, any of the oud players can go for it.