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Play Darbuka for Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers & Darbuka

Playing Darbuka is itself a pleasure but when you will have to play darbuka for belly dancers, things are not so picture perfect. One has to take painstaking effort in order to play Darbuka for this purpose because here he will have to curb passion for producing the desired outcome. It is not all about playing darbuka headlong without caring a fig for anyone; instead it is just the opposite. While playing darbuka for belly dancers, one needs to Play Darbuka in a way that goes with the dancing style, atmosphere and other associated issues. It is more or less a join effort where both the darbuka player and the belly dancers should get equal attention.

Play It Simple

However, a darbuka player should not discard the concept of showing his mastery on this musical instrument altogether. But one should not make it extremely complex otherwise; the belly dancers would fail to get the hang of it. Try to keep the things as simple as possible without changing the very style. You should Play Darbuka in such a way that will let the belly dancer to take breath and you will allow them to present their dancing skill elaborately. Time management is another crucial issue. You should not forget the fact that you will get hardly 15 to 30 minutes and therefore proper planning is needed in advance if you want to play darbuka perfectly.

Interact With The Dancers

Now how on earth a musician would be able to interact with the dancer! The answer is simple. Just Play Darbuka with patience and with an aim to attain perfection. The rhythm that you will produce by playing darbuka should instruct the belly dancers what to do and when precisely. This is where playing a darkbuka for belly dancer differs greatly. Frequent practice can be extremely helpful in this regard. One more thing, do not forget that every dancer has his/her own dancing style. Some appreciate fast paced music with rapid changes in the tone whereas some delight to dance to the tune of slow music. Therefore, try to understand the likes and dislikes of the belly dancers before trying to Play Darbuka for a musical event.