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Mohamed El Qasabgi (1892 - 1966)


Mohamed al Qasabgi (محمد القصبجي ) was born at 1892 was an Egyptian Oud musician and composer, and is regarded as one of the five leading composers of Egypt in the 20th century. al Qasabji's father was an oud teacher and composed several songs at his time. Mohammad loved the oud since his early years. He Combined Islam and music studies at the same time. Later he dedicated most of his time to music.

Qassabji was an Oud mentor for numerous giants of the golden age of Arabic music. Among those were Riad al Sunbati, Farid al Atrache, and Mohammad Abdel Wahab. Mohamed al Qasabgi classified as master of the oud due to his great abilities and skills which he had during his time. 1920 through 1923 The legendary Mohammed Abdel Wahab learns the lute on the hands of Qasabji.

In most of his tunes, there is a real sensation of waht is defined as the old Oriental spirit, mixed with European musical techniques and taste. This was mostly seen in songs like Ya Tuyoor, Raq al Habeeb, Ana Qalbi Daleel. The start of his professional career was his composition "Malish maleek fi el qalbi gherak" ما ليش مليك في القلب غيرك .

It Sung by the singer Zaki Mourad, which was the father of the Famous Egyptian-Jewish actor and singer Layla mourad. el-Qasabgi Music Considered by the renowned musicians and critics as one who added new "blood" to the Egyptian music back then. He composed hundreds of pieces, including music for movies and theatrical plays.

In the above mentioned songs and many others, he was widely recognized by most musicians and critics at that time as the leader of development of Oriental music and mixing it with newest musical techniques, such as influenced brought in from Western classical traditions of his time. In the year of 1924 the famous singer um Kulthum had start to sing qasabji's music. In the same year, he forms his own Oriental musical band which included great musicians. 3 Years later Mohamed El Qasabgi composes a song called 'In Kont Asameh' performed by Umm Kulthum. This song made a revolution in the taste of Oriental music. In the year of 1942 qasabgi composed an Egyptian opera for the first time. After his death in 1966, the singer om Kulthoum kept his chair on the stage behind as showing her honour and love towards this great musical icon Muhamemd al qasabgi.