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Maintenance tips for Ouds

Oud is a popular musical instrument of the Arabic and Middle East nations that looks like a guitar with a small neck. For a music lover, his musical instruments always hold special importance and significance. Musical instruments are delicate items that need to be taken proper care to ensure its durability. Proper maintenance tips of ouds should be followed to have the instrument in good form for years to come because a clean musical instrument always sounds better.

The strings of the oud should be kept clean from dust and dirt. Clean the strings of the oud with a soft and clean cloth after you have played the oud, especially if for a long time. This process will help to preserve the strings and wood of your oud for long.

The strings make the most important part of an oud. To enjoy a strong and constant tone, keeping the strings of an oud in good form is very essential. Wipe the strings well by spraying a cloth with some good musical instrument cleaning solution. This will not only help to keep the oud clean but also dirt free from any chemicals.

Proper cleaning of the area where the neck of the oud meets the face is important as black marks tend to develop in this area if not taken proper care of the instrument. Oils and solutions should not be used in cleaning an oud if you are not sure about the product well.

Apart from keeping the oud clean, other factors should also be considered. Keep the oud away from sunlight that can destroy the sheen of the oud. Not only from heat but also extreme exposure to cold, sunlight etc are bad for the maintenance of an oud. It is always recommended to keep the oud in a hard case so that it is not exposed to temperature and humidity. Lastly always maintain to have your oud checked by professionals once a year to have it in its best form.