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Introduction to the Oud

Introduction to the Oud


Buying Oud Online

Oud is an Arabian instrument that is similar to a guitar not only in shape but also in playing style. Like guitar in western music, oud is a very popularly used for music and dance of Arabian nations. If music is your passion and you are planning to buy a oud to try it out, have a fair knowledge of the instrument beforehand.

Features of an oud

Though an oud looks similar to a guitar, it has certain differences that make it unique and individual from a guitar. Before you buy an oud, it is essential that you know about the characteristic features of an oud. The name oud is believed to have been borrowed from Persian word rud which means an instrument that has strings attached to it. Unlike a lute and guitar, ouds do not have any frets attached to it that helps to identify an oud easily. Moreover the neck of an oud is smaller as compared to other similar looking musical instrument such as guitar and violin. Designed in a bowl shape and flat base, an oud has eleven strings out of which only one is fitted singly where as the other strings are paired together. The sound produced from this traditional musical instrument of Arab depends totally on its shape and the number of holes it has. Normally an oud has one to three holes that are either circular or oval in shape. If you want to buy oud that is decorative, opt for the ones that has wooden rosette or carved bone décor on the oud.

Order oud online

There are a wide variety of online portals that offer all types of ouds with various decorations. Before you buy oud from any online site, compare and gather proper knowledge about the instrument to buy oud that looks good as well as sounds good. is your ultimate stop to buy oud according to your need, budget, convenience and most important listen to it's sound sample.