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How to maintain the Darbuka drum

How to maintain the Darbuka drum


Take Care of My Darbuka

Proper maintenance of Darbuka Drum is by far the most typical task that should be treated with due care and consideration because the sound and the note that is produced by Darbuka drum is intimately and intrinsically associated with it. No matter how hard one may try, the final outcome is by and large dependent on the proper condition of Darbuka Drum, as it makes all the difference in the long run. However, there are some challenges associated with the maintenance of a Darbuka drum but one should tide over those challenges and difficulties as a mean of attaining mastery over this musical instrument.

Use Proper Materials in the Darbuka Drum

Use only genuine materials in darbuka drum as the sound or notes largely depends on them. However, the replacement of materials should be done with meticulous care and cautions. One needs to make sure the fact that all the parts of Darbuka Drum are in perfect condition. In fact, a regular maintenance is all needed for this purpose because if these issues are blatantly overlooked it can lead to a complicated situation at the end. If any deformity exists in any of the parts of a Darbuka drum, it should be replaced forthwith because it can have adverse impact on other parts or can at least have a negative impact on the drum as a whole.

Some Maintenance Tips for the Darbuka drum


Darbuka drum should not be exposed to rough weather as far as possible. Darbuka Drum should be kept in a place where it remains safe from the contact of dust, pollution, heat and humid weather. After every musical performance, one should clean the entire Darbuka drum, more particularly the head carefully. Try to keep the drum in a hard case as it gives a high level of protection against rough weather and against any untoward incident. In order to prevent scratching, Darbuka drum should be covered with soft materials.