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How Do We Build a Mother of Pearl Doumbek

How Do We Build a Mother of Pearl Doumbek

Here in Arab instruments we build with a lot of love and care every darbuka. In this building process we need to take into account some important guidelines. Since our goal is to produce the best mother of pearl darbuka, we add to our unique darbuka structure another layer of aluminum so in the end of the process you will get a sombaty plus doumbek who weigh around 13.64 lib - 14.3 lib (6.2kg - 6.5kg) and new generation doumbek who weigh around 11 lib (5 k"g). We are so proud in that fact, because in the end of this production you will get one of the top darbuka with the best sound that high quality of aluminum can produces.
Building the best aluminum doumbeks with extra layer

The process of building each mother of pearl doumbek might take a long (around 2 - 3 months). At the beginning we need to polish the aluminum several times until it will be ready for the pasting pearl stage, but before we will pick the design we want and start with the drawing and template lines which will reflected on the end on the darbuka.

Pasting the pearl is the longest process when we build our darbuka. The maker needs to cut every piece to the right size, polishes it and pastes it one by one. The pasting process must be very accurate and the maker needs to verify that the quality of the pearl and the brightness of the piece are perfect.

At the end of this process, the maker will cover the pearl with a glass layer and will make it very smooth, he will make the final polish, tune the drum and one of the best darbuka is now ready to dispatch to our client.
The Best Mother of pearl doumbek

And what about the sound? Please watch the video and decide.

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