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Fiber Darbuka: Feel The Flexibility

Fiber Darbuka: Feel The Flexibility

Fiber darbuka can be touted as the modernized version of traditional darbuka. It has all the qualities of a traditional Darbuka and what’s more, it is modern in its form and outward appearance. Its sleek new look and better sound quality have helped it immensely to win the trust of some veteran darbuka players. Fiber darbuka is extremely light in weight and it is durable than its traditional counterpart, as its body is made of fiber. Though different materials are now being used for making the body of a Darbuka, fiber is by far the best material out there that can be employed for this purpose. What is all the more amazing about fiber darbuka is that, its sound is more or less similar to that of a traditional darbuka and its price is quite reasonable. So, just try to get the hang of this new form of darbuka and you will be able to exploit its advantage.

Advantages of Fiber Darbuka

Just having a different look is not the one and only difference of fiber darbuka from that of traditional darbuka. It has some other differences that should not be overlooked at all. As a darbuka player, you need to remain aware of the differences of a fiber darbuka to that of a traditional darbuka otherwise, you might have to face a number of difficulties in the long run. Its sound quality is somewhat better than that of ceramic darbuka and as fiber is being used in its body, it is much more durable than other types of darbukas. Unless you are an extremely attentive listener, you will not be able to figure out a single difference between the sound produced by a traditional Darbuka and that of a fiber darbuka.

Difference is Here

If you are tried of staying alert all the time while performing with your Darbuka, fiber darbuka is probably the best thing for you. So all you have to do is to purchase a brand new fiber darbuka for feeling its difference.