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Farid Al Atrash (10.19.1910 – 12.26.1974)


Farid al Atrash was born 1910 in Syria to a druze family of princes which moved to Egypt in the 1920's. Farid's Mother was playing the oud and was a singer as well and his sister asmahan was a popular singer as well. Farid studied in a music school under the hands of the legendary Riyad al sunbati.

Farid was an virtuoso oud player, a talented composer, a singer and an actor. He consider as one of the most important names of the Arabic music in the 20th century. Farid al Atrash has left a great legacy to the music of the Arab world. Farid's carrier of 4 decades was long full of colors and inspirations. As a composer he composed songs in various styles. Farid maintained that although some of his music had western musical influence, he always stayed true to Arab music principles.

The majority of Farid compositions were about feelings, romantics and love but he also composed several songs of patriotism and religious content.

Farid resume was including 31 movies where he was the star and he recorded an amazing number of about 350 songs. The Great Egyptian icon, oud virtuoso and composer contributed his work to the great artist of that time as Warda, Sabah and wadih al safi.

Farid died in December 1974 at a Lebanese hospital in of Beirut a short time after arriving. he was buried alongside his brother and sister. Farid's contribution and Inspiration to the world music will never forgotten.