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Doumbek Types and Names

Doumbek Types and Names

Doumbek Names

Doumbek drum is the very popular musical instrument that is considered the essence and heartbeat of popular Arabian belly dance. Widely accepted by people throughout the world for its feet tapping melodious sounds that set the ground for any party, doumbek drum is available in various types and forms. If you are a professional or a hobbyist who love to play doumbek drums, know that it is important that you buy doumbek drums that suit your need. Originating in the lands of Middle East, doumbek drum is a must need in gypsy dance that enthralls the whole world with its unique music. As you buy doumbek drums, it is suggested that you have a fair idea about the different names of doumbek that are used in different parts of the world that is given below:

  • Darbuk in Yugoslavia
  • Derbakeh in Lebanon
  • Dombuk or Derbakeh in Assyria
  • Doubouk in Hungary
  • Doumbeg in Armenia
  • Dumbul or Dunbul in Azerbaijan
  • Klong in Laos Thailand
  • Tarambuke in the Balkans
  • Tarbouka in Bukhori
  • Tepill in Kurdistan
  • Tombak, Tonbak or Zarb in Iran
  • Toumberleki or toumpeleki in Greece
  • Tumbuluchiu in Romania
  • Zairbaghali in Afghanistan

Types of doumbek drums

Before buying doumbek drums, it is very important that one should know the type that suits him best. There are various types of doumbek drums available in the market that has variation of structure, notes, melody and sound. It is recommended that every person who loves to practice doumbek drum and plans to buy one must browse and verify well before opting to buy doumbek drum. You will get to buy doumbek drums in variations such as Turkish style, Egyptian style and ceramic drums.
There are a lot of online portals that offer all the types of doumbek drums in accordance to the need of their customer. If you are an amateur who wants to buy doumbek, rely on the suggestion of a professional who knows about the musical instrument well can be your ultimate stop where you get to choose the right musical instrument, the most professional one and most important listen to it's sound.