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Doumbek - Belly Dancing Drum

Doumbek - Belly Dancing Drum

Individual performance and group performance are totally and significantly different from each other. The style, the passion and the mood are bound to influence the performance. The same rule applies to Doumbek. Playing a Doumbek with a group of belly dancers is entirely a difference experience altogether. Here, a player will get less freedom and less scope to exhibit his mastery over doumbek, as it is a group performance.

Have A Plan While Playing A Doumbek With Belly Dancers

Playing Doumbek with a group of belly dancers is both challenging and fascinating. However, you need to formulate a proper strategy first so that your performance can achieve pinnacle of perfection. Before anything else, you need to know the exact time of the performance. You can mess up the entire thing miserably if you do not have any proper plan. You cannot stretch a 15 minutes performance to 30 minutes, unless you have a flexible plan.

Play A Doumbek In A Simple Way

No need to complicate things unnecessarily. Just try to play the Doumbek as naturally and as simply as possible. You should forget the plight of the belly dancers of your group who have to translate your music properly in their dancing style to make it look elegant and refined. If you play complexly then the dancers might face tremendous amount of difficulty while rendering that music in their dance.

Maintain A Coordination

It has an immense importance in a group performance. You should not forget the fact that the dancing style and the rhythm of the belly dancers are intrinsically associated with that of Doumbek. A doumbek player gives instructions to his fellow belly dancers by changing the note or style. Without having perfect coordination, the dancers will not be able to get the hang of it and the entire effort might botch up miserably.

Get Your Belly Dancing Vocabulary

This is what you should do if you aspire to attain perfection in the performance. A Doumbek player needs to remain aware of some common belly dancing techniques, as it will definitely help him to enhance the quality of the group performance. You should use as many variations in tone and rhythm as possible while playing doumbek but you should give ample time to the dancers so that they can reflect it properly in the dance.