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Darbuka Playing Methods

Darbuka Playing Methods: Play It Like A Pro

Darbuka drum holds a conspicuous position in the history of medieval music as it has the capability to mesmerize the senses of the audiences by ringing out a flow of mellifluous note, which is a brilliant and beautiful blending of medieval charm and modernity. In order to well out spontaneous flow of musical note from a Darbuka drum, one needs to attain mastery over a wide range of Darbuka playing methods that have been practiced and perfected by some leading musical maestros who have further enriched different genres of Darbuka method in every possible way.

Perfecting Darbuka Playing Methods

Different Darbuka playing methods have different flavors. More often than not, Darbuka methods vary with its types. darbuka drums are categorized into two types: Egyptian style Darbuka and Turkish style Darbuka. While playing Turkish Darbuka drum, an apprentice will get more opportunity to try the techniques of finger snapping which is not feasible in Egyptian Darbuka. But while practicing with Egyptian Darbuka, one can at his liberty to try the tricks of rapid rolling which is nearly unthinkable in Turkish Darbuka. Therefore, it obviates the bare necessity of leaning various facets of Darbuka playing methods before taking an attempt to attain the much-coveted perfection in this musical instrument.

Various Aspects of Darbuka Playing Methods

Unlike other drum like musical instruments, Darbuka is usually played with soft touches and the stress is usually given on producing a series of crispy sounds through the rapid succession of fingertips and sometimes rapid rolling of fingers, which, in fact, have become the hallmark features of some Darbuka playing methods.
In most of the cases, musicians are in the habit of placing the drum in the lap and then holding it under one arm tightly. However, one can try strap to sling it over the shoulder. Variation can be brought in the tone of Darbuka by moving their firsts rapidly which is another popular Darbuka playing methods. A different Darbuka is developed and flourished in Turkey, Bulgaria and in some other countries where a thin stick is used along with fingers for playing Darbuka.