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Riq: How to choose it

If you are a music lover who loves experimenting and exploring music of different parts of the world, try the enthralling jingles of riq. Riq is an Arabian instrument that is equally used in contemporary, folks and classical music in all the countries of Middle East. Before you plan to buy riq, have a fair idea about this traditional musical instrument of Arabia.

About Riq

Quite similar to a tambourine, riq was traditionally made of wooden frame and animal fresh. But in modern time, you will find riq made of other materials too, such as metal. A riq consists of a frame that has jingles attached to it and translucent heads made of synthetic materials. The jingles make the most important part of a riq. So when you plan to buy a riq, make sure that the jingles are made of strong materials that produce good sound when swinged.
The size of a riq varies in different countries such as in Egypt you will find riq that are 20cm wide but in Iraq the size of a riq is slightly larger. This musical instrument is played by striking on the membrane and shaking the jingles in alternative.

Buying a Riq

If you are planning to buy riq, you will get a variety in the market worldwide. But as riq is a Middle East musical instrument, it is best found in the markets of Arab, Cairo, Iraq etc. if you are a professional music player who needs and knows the best riq available, it is suggested that you buy riq from a professional online shop such as our Arab instruments website. Even in Middle East market, the cost of a good and traditional riq is quite high. For hobbyists who are willing to buy riq to try out his passion for music, there are a lot of online portals that can help you choose the right one for you.