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Buying a Doumbek Drum

Buying a Doumbek Drum

The Doumbek Drum is often referred as doumbek in America. This musical instrument may have gathered different names in different countries but its musical appeal has enchanted its listeners from time immemorial.

Choosing from the Different Types of Doumbeks

The primary varieties of Doumbeks are fiber doumbeks, ceramic doumbeks and aluminum doumbeks. If you know the characteristics of the different varieties of Doumbek drum, you will be able to decide which one will suit your needs. An aluminum doumbek resembles the traditional Doumbek Drum. The metallic finish creates a distinctive and modern appearance. Though its appearance may have been transformed over the ages but it has retained the qualities of a conventional doumbek. For finger rolling techniques, the aluminum Doumbeks are preferred by the doumbek drum players. A fiber doumbek has been given a new and sleeker look compared to its traditional version. The doumbeks made from fiber are generally light weighted and is thus easy to play. A pleasant deep sound is created as synthetic has been used in this instrument. A doumbek drum made from fiber makes it water resistant and it is durable for years. Ceramic doumbek is also light weighted and produces equally pleasant sound as a fiber Doumbek Drum does. A player can actually tame a ceramic doumbek and generate different notes and produce melodious rhythms. Compared to the fiber and aluminum Doumbeks, the ceramic ones are very fragile.

Buying Doumbeks for the First Time

If you are going to buy a doumbek then you should obviously wish to get a reasonably priced one and at the same time that looks great. But if you are new at drumming then there are high chances that you may end up buying the cheapest doumbek drum that sounds horribly when played. It is a good option to buy the professional Gawharet El Fan Doumbek Drum from It has the perfect look and the capacity to produce great tones. Its aluminum body and synthetic drum skin make it very durable and easy to use.