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Aluminum Doumbek: A Modern From of Doumbek

Aluminum Doumbek: A Modern From of Doumbek

Aluminum Doumbek can be termed as a suitable successor of the traditional form of doumbek. Unlike traditional Doumbek , Aluminum doumbek has a modern look with a glossy metallic finish that has given it a discreet identity. In fact, it has transformed itself in a bid to catch up with the latest musical trend and to be precise; it has succeeded in its attempt to some extent as well. However, one should not go only by its look. You should not ignore its close association with the rich musical culture and tradition of Middle East. One should forget the fact that Aluminum Doumbek is just the modernize form of traditional doumbek and nothing else. The sound quality (perhaps somewhat better) and the musical features are all the same here.

A Brilliant Blending

Aluminum doumbek is the very best thing that a learner can have. What is interesting about aluminum doumbek is that, it has not lost its unique qualities and features despite undergoing a complete stage of transformation. The same sonorous musical sound and the varieties, that have mesmerized the music lovers of Middle East, can also be produced in this form of doumbek. In short, this is rare piece of musical instrument where western musical concept and Middle Eastern musical art have fused together into a unified whole. So, feel the rich musical tradition of Middle East with a modern twist with aluminum doumbek.

What Makes It Apart

Aluminum doumbek is probably the best musical instrument out there, which has helped the famous finger rolling technique to reach its culmination point. Unlike traditional doumbek, Aluminum Doumbek is more durable and lighter in weight. Its aluminum body has helped it to reduce its weight, which has given it an added advantage over others. Its lightweight has made it extremely portable. Aluminum doumbek is perfect for articulating some "tak" and "doum" strokes. Besides this, both high-pitched and low-pitched snapping sounds can be produced easily and artistically in this form of doumbek. Aluminum Doumbek is probably the best for those who are passionate about finger rolling technique, which has got a whole new dimension in recent years courtesy aluminum doumbek.