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About the Electric Oud

The Electric Oud

Electric oud is basically a solid body instrument, which is constructed of attractive beech wood. Though in recent times, different types of electric ouds remain available in the market, electric oud by Ibrahim Sukar, the famous oud maker of Syria is considered to be the best in the world. There is no doubt in the fact that the sound of the electric oud is quite similar to that of the traditional oud. In the true sense, electric oud is the updated version of the traditional one and comes with strap, custom made fiberglass. In all genres of music, from Jazz, Eastern folk to Rock, this instrument can be used. Size of the Electric Oud Usually, the dimensions of the standard electric oud are as follows:

  • Electric Oud total length is 31 inches
  • Electric Oud Neck length is 8.2 inches
  • Electric Oud Width is 14 inches
  • Electric Oud Weight  is 2.86 pounds

Usually the ouds of this century are made of Honduras mahogany and its artistic design really worth appreciation. This unique instrument no doubt can boast of 21st century sound technology and its wonderful design reflects world’s one of the most ancient musical instruments. While discussing about electric oud we should also discuss something about Egyptian electric Oud. This musical instrument has an artistic carved out design, but its sound is also quite similar to that of the traditional one. In order to keep this instrument, you can use a nylon made carrying case with a shoulder strap. In the true sense, electric oud has acquired the same popularity in the Arabic world as the guitar enjoys in the western world. In fact, the sound of this electric oud has the capability to rock the entire world. So, if you are thinking to learn an instrument, you can go for this amazing musical instrument, oud.