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About the Egyptian Oud

Egyptian Oud: Making Music Alive

The history of music would remain incomplete without a reference of Egyptian Oud, which has undoubtedly added a new dimension to its musical genre through its symphonious blending of musical notes that are both modern and classical in style. Though Egyptian oud has its origin in the far off Middle East, its popularity has swept the entire world. In fact, Egyptian Oud is one of those few musical instruments, which have succeeded in retaining its originality even in the modern age without becoming obsolete. This is what makes Egyptian Oud extremely popular among those, who crave something new, yet original and interesting.

The Uniqueness of Egyptian Oud

Egyptian Oud belongs to its clan of Arabian Oud but it is drastically different from Iraqi and Syrian Ouds. Unlike Syrian Ouds or Iraqi Ouds, Egyptian Oud has a tone slightly different and it has a pear shaped body. Besides that, Egyptian Ouds are usually heavily decorated unlike its counterparts. The fingerboard and even its scratch plate are also embellished with colorful inlays, which has added to its distinctiveness. Previously, egyptian oud was bedecked with white ivory but now white plastic is used in its place. Sometimes the outer surface of the back part of this type of Egyptian oud is covered with nacre inlay for giving it a perfect look. Furthermore, Egyptian Oud is heavier as compared to Turkish ouds, which are extremely light in weight.

Egyptian oud - Personification of Heritage

Egyptian ouds are valued for their amazing ability to generate sound that is both melodious and mellifluous. As they are specially crafted with 5 courses GADGC, they have the brilliant capability to transform and lit up any atmosphere with its surreal sound, which has a rich historical overtone. Despite its rich historical heritage, Egyptian oud has embraced the impact of modernism by adopting it without loosing its innate qualities and this has invested it with a distinct glory, which no other musical instrument has ever achieved so far.