Free Doumbek Lessons

Free Doumbek Lessons


How to Replace a Doumbek Skin

Replacing a darbuka skin is very important lesson on your journey.
In this video we will show you how to do it it right and how we are tuning the the darbuka after the installation.


Basic Doumbek Strokes

The first step on learning doumbek is to practice and to control the basic strokes such as "Doom" , "Tac" and slap.
Controlling these strokes will get you to next level of becoming a professional darbuka player.


The Malfuf Rhythm

The Malfuf doumbek rhythm is very common. Controlling is a great start for a player to make everyone around him start dancing.
Learning this 2/4 groove is not so hard and in the following video we will show you how to it right.


The Maqsum Rhythm

The Maqsum belongs to the Baladi family. It has 4/4 beat and can played with different ornamentation.
In the following video you will see two of them with "Doom" and "Slap" doumbek strokes.


The Baladi Rhythm

This is the most 4/4 popular rhythm.
Every darbuka player should control this beat. The baladi style can be perfect for belly dancing and in the following video we will show you two ornamentation of this rhythm.


Some Great Doumbek Effects

now it's time to improve your rhythm.
In the following video we will teach you how to add "Horse running" effect to your Balady & Malfuf doumbek beat.


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