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Article: Zeryab Ouds - Interesting Maker from Syria

Zeryab Ouds - Interesting Maker from Syria

Zeryab Ouds - Interesting Maker from Syria

Zeryab Oud makers are a bunch of Khalefeh Damascene Family that have been involving Oud manufacturing as a craft and profession in Syria and in the Arab world since 1948. It is similar to family business like flowing blood from fathers to sons. The third generation of KhalefehOuds have recently manufactured Ouds as the name ZeryabOuds. They aimed to reach the grandfather’s destiny and for that now holding the business with a new spirit, vision at keeping to the handcraft traditions after reviving and restoring them. Their Oud has introduced a competitive sophisticated shapes and performances.

Zeryab produces some cool featured Oud. They have categorized all the ouds in three main spells. These are Shami, Turkish and Iraqi. There are a few sub categories of each Shami, Iraqi as well as Turkish ouds.

Syrian/Shami Ouds (most recommended):
Zeryab produces lots of this type oud. In fact they have many collections as well. Shami1, Shami3, Shami5, Shami6, Shami7, Shami15, Shami31 and so on. Shami1 is made from both Mla and Zan with Cedar – Cyperus face. It’s string length is 58.5 cm. Shami5 is Almhajohna bodied and Cedar faced and string length is 58.5cm. In this series Shami6 is Indian Cism bodied, Shami3, Shami7 and Shami31 each has Coconut shami body, and Cyperus face. Their string length is 60cm to 58.5cm.
Turkish Ouds:Zeryab produces two types of Turkish ouds named Turkish1 and Turkish2. Turkish1 has Hacb nut Alibl body with Cyperus face and string 58.5 cm on the other hand Turkish2 is Cedar faced with Mahogany body and the string is 58.5cm.

Iraqi Ouds:

Zeryab produces Iraqi ouds as well. They have named all of them as Iraqi1, Iraqi2, Iraqi8 and Iraqi19. It is convenient that all of the Iraqi Ouds are Cedar faced. Iraqi1 and Iraqi8 are made by Alonga on the other hand Coconut Shami is used for Iraqi2. Iraqi19 is Asm Indian bodied and all of the Iraqi ouds has a string length of 58.5cm.

Varied as the compositions/ buildups, styles and sounds of the intimate and soul – nourishing instruments, splendid ZeryabOuds create the Syrian/ Shami, Iraqi, Turkish patterns and thereby have made each of them an artistic masterpiece of their own. As a result the Syrian oud are most recommended and has a warm sound and you can get them in Arab Instruments


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