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Article: Why Egyptian ouds are so unique?

Why Egyptian ouds are so unique?

Why Egyptian ouds are so unique?

The Oud is a pear-shaped stringed musical instrument commonly used in Middle Eastern and North African music. It can easily be recognized by its lack of frets as well as smaller neck. Ouds first appears in ancient Egypt art which started from the eighteenth dynasty onwards in short and long neck varieties. Today’s Oud is so much different from the ancient prototypes, however. Egyptian Ouds refers to be so gentle, ornate and highly decorated.

Basically, Egyptian Oud belongs to the arena of Arabian Oud but it is unlikely different from Iraqi as well as Syrian Ouds. Besides Iraqi Ouds and Syrian Ouds, Egyptian Oud has a tone a bit different, it has a body looked pear shaped as well. Most important thing is, Egyptian Ouds are more heavily decorated compared to its counterparts. Its scratch plate and even the fingerboard are also embellished with attractive colorful inlays. This has added to its distinctiveness.

At first age, Egyptian Ouds were bedecked with neat and clean white ivory but now-a-days in its place white plastic is used. For giving it a perfect look, sometimes the outer surface of the black part of this type of Egyptian Oud is extremely covered with nacre inlay. Moreover, one of the best unique character of Egyptian Oud is heavier as compared to Turkish Ouds. In fact Turkish Ouds are extremely light in weight.

Generation of sound is one of the most unique character of Egyptian ouds. For sound generation Egyptian ouds are amazing in there sphere. These ouds have ability to create sound that is both mellifluous and melodious. Special function is that, Egyptian ouds are crafted specially with five courses GADGC, also these are capable of transforming and lit up any single atmosphere with its surreal sound, it has a heroic historical graph indeed.

If you remember the impact of modernism by adopting something cherished desired, you have to embrace with Egyptian oud. It has an immense power to fill thousands of thirsty souls. In reality without Egyptian oud, no other musical instrument has ever achieved such distinct glory at all.

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