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Article: Professional Nakhle Riq

Professional Nakhle Riq

Professional Nakhle Riq

Nakhle for percussion instruments, is a household name in the heart of Lebanon's instrument producers market. Today we are reviewing the Nakhle riqs. Previously we showcased to you the famous Egyptian riqs made by Gawharet El Fan, this week we are delighted to splendor over the intricate Lebanese touches of this instrument.
Nakhle has developed these riqs to contain not only a rich sound but excellent reverberate or tak. We currently sell their standard shaped riqs meaning that each of the riqa have 5 pairs of hand hammered cymbals ensuring best possible sound with 5 tuning screws for precision beats and desired sound, as is known and seen on many stages in the Middle East and worldwide performances.

We chose to work with Nakhle as they have only seen progress since the day they started. Many artists will claim that Nakhle are very competitive in terms of quality in comparison to other noteworthy riq producers such as the retired Mr. Kevork of Lebanon as well.

For some of you who are interested in the technicalities of it's dimensions, this riq has a frame height of 5.5cm with a 23 cm diameter from side to side, whereas the drumming skin diameter is at 21.2cm giving the thickness of the wood frame to 8cm.

Not forgetting each and every riq has the Nakhle signature on itself to ensure authenticity and seal of approval

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