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Article: 6 Reasons; Why Should You Play On a Professional Darbuka

6 Reasons; Why Should You Play On a Professional Darbuka

6 Reasons; Why Should You Play On a Professional Darbuka

Modern darbuka is made of synthetic materials, including fiberglass. Modern metal darbuka is commonly made of aluminum or copper. Some aluminum darbukas may have a mother-of-pearl inlay, which is purely decorative.
Traditional drum heads were animal skin, commonly goat and also fish but modern drums commonly use synthetic materials for drum heads. In this article we will inform you about 6 reasons behind why each darbuka player need to have a professional darbuka.

  1. Structure and material used :

Different types of metals are used for giving a darbuka drum a perfect shape. Using metal for forming the main structure of Darbuka Drum can have a number of advantages. First, metal structure improves its durability and gives it strength that you will not find in the traditional darbuka drums. In some cases, more particularly in Turkish darbuka, external rings are used for enhancing its performance as whole and it has proved extremely effective in this regard. Usually, copper and aluminum shell are being used widely for giving a metallic finish to darbuka drum but aluminum shell is mostly in use because of its lightweight and of its flexibility.

  1. Sound production :

Most players prefer to purchase darbuka which comes in a relatively low price. Every musical instrument has its own language and every percussion instrument has its own specific tune. On the other hand cheap darbuka produce noisy sound and doesn’t match up with the quality of music that the professional and high qualitative darbuka produces.

  1. Audience reaction :

When you perform with your darbuka, lots of eyes looking on you and on your darbuka. You would like to give the best impression and your darbuka ought to be looks awesome and sound stunning with a specific end goal to leave the best impression. It’s obvious that people love to hear melodious sound and they clap for you only when you can heal their minds. It’s not actually possible without a professional doumbek, you know.

  1. Produce Desired Sound :
Each and every doumbek player should keep in mind that the end goal to turn into an expert doumbek player you have to comprehend from your experience which sound you can get from each spot on the darbuka drumming sphere. The doumbek sound comprises of distinctive strokes. A percentage of the fundamental strokes of the darbuka are “Doom”, ta ka and pa. Every stroke has its own arrangement of details which a musical performer must pay consideration on make a certain beat. Just with an expert darbuka you will have the capacity to distinguish the right sound that will fit for the right music.

  1. Great Practice Opportunity :

When you pay for something you ought to keep the best one for the practice session as well. You have a lot of opportunities to learn new techniques which is available in internet or anywhere else and yes remember, they are only for professional darbuka users.

  1. Professional and Personal Pride :

Occasionally playing of darbuka is itself a most professional one especially the mother of pearls look outstanding and extremely productive. It will give you a ton of pleasant moments to hold this musical instrument in every gig or play on it to your near and dear ones.

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