Professional Electric Oud #023
80% of 100
  • Build in Equalizer
  • String Length: 22.99" (58.5 cm)
  • Type: Turkish Electric Oud
  • Oud body: Mahogany
  • Pegs: Guitar
  • Free soft case & reeshe
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    Purchased a Professional Turkish Electric Oud
    When I received my Professional Turkish Electric Oud, it came in 2 weeks so that was good. I kind of think I purchased a used Oud because the back of the head had this cracked glue white stuff sealed on it as if it was once needed repaired, and a part of the head had a small chip of the gloss paint missing while the other part looked in tacked.

    I misunderstood that this instrument was not already held in the state of New York at the Arab Instrument store when I bought this instrument. Of course, I knew it was manufactured in the country Turkey, which is cool, but when I purchased the instrument it needed to be shipped in the U.S. It is hard to believe that what you buy new will surely be mailed to you brand new, and you don't know what you are really gonna get of what you bought no matter how expensive this special instrument is, or at least that's what happened this time. However, I really think it's awesome that this store provides free shipping. I will continue to buy other instruments in the future at this store for that very reason...

    I received the instrument with its case, all its strings on the Oud along with extra strings (brand new) already provided, and 2 Rishas. A battery was also in place to use for Electric playing though I had to go buy new batteries, because the battery light turned on was red and not green. I don't think that battery was replaced in there as already new either.

    Overall, I love my Turkish Oud! And I accept her as she is and as I am playing this instrument, she is already working properly and sounding beautifully. Anyone who cherishes these unique one-of-a-kind instruments, won't be disappointed in owning them.

1 Item

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