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Decorated Egyptian Oud the White Flowers #132A

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  • Hand Made in Egypt
  • Face Sider
  • Walnut pegs
  • Bowl: Unique decoration
  • Brand: Gawharet El Fan
  • Free soft case & reeshe

Sound sample of This Egyptian Oud
SKU: Egyptian Oud #132A

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Oud, sloppily strung. I'm no stranger to proper Oud stringing and what I received had crossed strings and were strung in the wrong order. If you're new to the Oud then look up the right order for CC tuning and make sure the strings don't cross or tuning will be a nightmare if not impossible. I replaced them with Di'addario Arabic oud strings and it sounds amazing. The strings it came with were decent but too thin on the lower register IMO. It looked like spider man shot a web and strung the oud. No offense guys, just saying with such a professional product I would expect it to be professionally strung. Also would have preferred a cow horn Risha instead of plastic. Otherwise, everything is perfect.

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