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Doumbek Sound

Doumbek Sound

Doumbek drum is a goblet shaped drum which is mainly used in Middle Eastern countries. This hand drum can be made from wood, clay or metal. The metal drums used nowadays are made of either copper or aluminum. The mystical sound of a Doumbek greatly differs from anyother hand drum.
A good sense of rhythm and timing is required to master the techniques of playing a Doumbek drum. You have to learn to play the correct beat along with the correct note. Initially you should learn the simple techniques and then hone your skills for advanced drumming.

Doumbek Basic Sound

Mainly three basic sounds can be created with a Doumbek drum. They are Tek, Doum and Ka. To produce the Tek sound, you need to use tips of your fingers. You may be required to use one or two fingers at a time to produce this sound. The sound would come out perfectly when it resonates across the drum head.
To produce the Doum sound, you need to use your four fingers. You should try to create a resonating tone while hitting the drumhead. To produce the perfect Doum sound on your Doumbek, try to pull your fingers as soon as possible during drumming.
The Ka sound on a Doumbek drum resembles the Tek sound. But it is produced using the opposite hand. While striking the Doumbek drum for the Ka sound you can also hit its shell. Generally a beginner finds it difficult to master this sound on a Doumbek. For this you need to learn to properly angle your arm across the Doumbek to create this sound.
As you master the average beats on a Doumbek, you can also learn the different techniques to use rolls, slaps and snaps on this musical instrument. While learning different advance techniques of playing a Doumbek, you can also try out the alternative beats.