The advancements in the traditional music instruments are still in process, like every day we came up with a new updated instrument in the market. Similarly Arab Instruments are so glad to offer the new professional plastic neys which will be ideal for tenderfoot and propelled players.

This professional Ney made of unique plastic by the nay ace "Niri Sadeh". Niri made each nay without anyone else's input and tune it splendidly as per his models.

Arab instruments have made some great neys & Kawalas that are made of unique plastic. They have exceptionally interesting and exact sound and they are accessible in the website. These neys will be ideal for rehearsing and execution and they will be the best answer for each ney player, no matter for learner or for advance players.


  • 1) They are going to suit for both players beginners and advance players. Anyone can use them time to time in their concerts or in front of the audience.
  • 2) These neys are made up of unique plastic specially for keeping the quality of the instrument high.
  • 3) The core advantage of the plastic is that it is not fragile and it’s very much easy to maintain. So you did not need to worry much about the damage or regarding the complex maintenance.
  • 4) The pitch of the plastic ney is constant, that means it will not change from weather to weather. In case if you’re traveling or experiencing a sudden climate change than there will be no effect on the pitch.
    • 5) The tuning of the handmade each and every ney and kawalas is perfect. No matter you can play it with piano or with guitar or even with every tuner based instrument it will provide you a perfect tune.
    • 6) They are tuned with Arabic style which reflects there comma is little bit low.
    • 7) It’s easy to produce big & fat sound with these neys especially on the low nodes which are very much hard with respect to the regular neys. That means you did not need to apply much wind force to produce a high impact sound.
    • 8) Due to its wider hole and the unique material these neys are much easier to play. You are going to love them and the sound they produce.

    It will always been a pleasure for peoples to enjoy the music produced by ney. It will also be a good experience to play with these professional plastic neys which is available with the three beautiful colors gold, Blue and gray.

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