The Crown Darbuka

Over the last 12 years, we have built and designed thousands of darbuka models for almost every player’s level. In mid- 2019 Arab Instruments decided to design a premium darbuka which would answer important aspects of professional darbuka players’ requests.

1) Casting - One of the most important factor when building a darbuka drum, is the quality and the density of the Aluminum material. When we designed the Crown darbuka we used high density of Aluminum and made sure that during the casting process all the small holes created in this process would be filled and the final casting would be 100% perfect. By this accurate process we made sure that the sound that comes out from the darbuka is pure and clean.




2) Structure - The structure of the darbuka drum is very important as the sounds flow inside and outside the instrument. In the crown model we made sure that the bottom of the darbuka is wide open, something that can create powerful and perfect "Doom Stroke" while the top of the darbuka and it's ring are a little narrow, so it can capture the sound and creates perfect "Tac" and "Slap" strokes.
We were able to achieve this amazing sound in the Crown darbuka thanks to its royalty structure.



3) 8 Pegs mechanism - Most of the Arabic darbukas have 6 pegs (screws) for the tuning process. Most of the Crown darbukas has 8 pegs. The huge advantage of this is the ability to control and tune small parts on the skin which means that tuning will be much more accurate on every part of the drumming area.
Another advantage is that since 8 pegs are holding the skin, the darbuka will stay stable for a longer time before another tuning, compared to the 6 pegs darbuka.



4) Finishing & Colors - Crown darbukas come in several unique colors. Some of them had been painted with sparkling flakes (Candy Color) and others black. We have used three layers of painting materials and two glass layers, which gives the darbuka a shiny and stunning look. Every darbuka gets a final polish (after the coloring process) and in the end you will get a masterpiece drum which will serve faithfully you for the long run.



The Crown darbuka has been created for players who look for perfection, and do not agree to compromise in quality. Our players use it for recording, for important concerts or events and belly dance shows.