Modern darbuka is made of synthetic materials, including fiberglass. Modern metal darbuka is commonly made of aluminum or copper. Some aluminum darbukas may have a mother-of-pearl inlay, which is purely decorative.
Traditional drum heads were animal skin, commonly goat and also fish but modern drums commonly use synthetic materials for drum heads. In this article we will inform you about 6 reasons behind why each darbuka player need to have a professional darbuka.

  1. Structure and material used :

Different types of metals are used for giving a darbuka drum a perfect shape. Using metal for forming the main structure of Darbuka Drum can have a number of advantages. First, metal structure improves its durability and gives it strength that you will not find in the traditional darbuka drums. In some cases, more particularly in Turkish darbuka, external rings are used for enhancing its performance as whole and it has proved extremely effective