There are various instruments that become more precious as time passes and one of those instruments is Ney but the proper maintaining and protection is necessary to keep it working properly, it also performs great when it becomes old because its voice becomes clear than before.

Oiling for the maintenance and protection:

The product that is great for the protection of the Ney is oil but it should be kept in mind that the oil that is used for the oiling of Ney must have low acid value and thinness because the oils which are thin are absorbed without any difficulty. A person should also follow the advice about the intervals after which oiling of Ney should be done because it plays vital role in its maintenance. When the Ney is newly purchased, there is a requirement of oiling it every week in the first 3 months and then the oiling of Ney should be done two times in a month, after one year of Ney purchase the oiling should be done only one time in a month that protects it.