As you all probably know, different players use different types of darbuka skins and there are so many skins out there which produces different sounds.
In this article we will try to explore the different skins for the doumbek / darbuka drums and try to understand which one will be your best choice.

Regular transparent Egyptian skin
Almost 90% of the darbukas which have been made in Egypt comes with this skin. This skin made of plastic and it comes in two thickness: 0.3 millimeter and 0.6 millimeter.
The advantages of the transparent Egyptian skin are: They are very easy to install, when the skin become loose as a result of a lot of drumming sessions, you will always have the option to close a little more the pegs around the ring (in case you didn't close the ring until the end) and stretched the skin even more.
The disadvantages of this skin are: The erosion of this skin is higher than the other skins and players who play a lot with