If you decide to invest on an oud case, you have to go with Arab Instruments. We are proud to offer our first class oud case to protect your stringed instrument, along with the new keychain which is a replica of the popular Farid El Atrash Oud.

When you purchase Arab Instruments, you will be able to get a new case for the Oud. Most online stores that sell instruments offer cases that are made from cheap materials. Oftentimes, you will have problems with faulty zippers and bad fabrics. However, if you shop with us, you can expect the best solution to pack your instrument.

Getting a professional oud case is very easy. The oud soft case is made from the finest material to ensure better protection, and this is suited for professional players. The good news is that when you get the case, you will also get a free stunning oud  keychain attached to it.