Almost every oud player out there has heard of the name "Farid El Atrash" a Syrian-Egyptian born oud player who played between the early 1940's and mid 1970's.  He is one of many oud players who have influenced many artists during and after his livelihood to either play or produce oud.  Ibrahim Sukar of Syria is one of those oud makers that we are proud to showcase today.

Sukar Model 213
Constantly developing and tweaking and producing oud for the avid beginner all the way to the advanced and professional players, these collections of oud are welcomed and appreciated by the music industry as master instruments.  As these instruments were once developed by Ibrahim solely by hand, as technology has helped improve about accuracy, Ibrahim turned in 2006 to laser drilling and cutting his oud, but foreseeing each and every instrument produced ensuring the same standard of quality expected by him.

Sukar Model 212

What he calls models 212 & 213 are our website's largest request by players around the world, as these are not only his latest pieces but melodically and the way it just appeals to the eyes of the player is second to none, especially when each one is paired exclusively with it's own protective case.  The intricate patterns and designs by Ibrahim Sukar make these oud an attractive piece to own.
Don't forget that every oud we offer a sound sample or video compliments your buying experience.

Syrian Oud Made by Ibrahim Sukar