The Oud or Ud, is a string instrument similar to the lute known to have been around for at least 4000 years.  It carries a beautiful deep melodic sound due to the nature of it's hollow pear shaped body. The Arabs traditionally used a thin piece of wood as a plectrum (pick).
The oud was traditionally plucked using an eagle's feather, in the Arab world this was known as a 'Risha' (Reeshe). With today's insight on protecting species modern players have looked to other materials to fashion a pick. Many professional players use a risha made from horn (of a cow, for example), which is softened first by being soaked in oil. Plastic rishas are also very popular with beginners due to their cheapness and ready availability.  But bare in mind that plastic picks will not give you the same sensibility as the naturally produced picks, if that was the case, then all instruments would be made from plastic and not from natural materials.
ArabInstruments carries only the best of the best, which is the cow horn pick, handcrafted by experts to meet the needs of the oud player.  Due to the nature of the natural growing shapes and colors of cow horns, the variety of blacks browns and whites are astonishingly beautiful, complimenting the already stunning colors of your oud.

In addition to this, we also offer for the beginner and professional player the opportunity to be able to tune your oud with your unique pick.  Only at ArabInstruments do we give you a oud tuner with different options to tune your oud according to type and musical genre requirements.

We even have embedded code available if you require to place the tuner on your own website as a shortcut location if you are a musician or even to show your musical blog readers how ouds are tuned unlike traditional string instruments.