Today we are going to review a brand new product that we have just received, the "New Generation" Darbuka! These are a really great addition to our inventory, and we are excited to share them with you today!

If you have used prior models of New Generation Darbuka, you will definitely notice a difference! This newer model is a bit heavier, and it also stands a little bit higher. You will also notice a bit of a different design on the bottom part of the drum.

It uses real mother of pearl, which also increases the weight, and high quality aluminum. This provides the drummer with a really superior sound quality.

At this model the "Tec" and "slap" strokes are very sharp and strong and the "Doom" stroke is great (on the Sombaty model the "Doom" stroke is stronger).

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A really cool detail about this darbuka is that the mother of pearl decoration is very attractive and the finishing is amazing from the outside and inside of the darbuka.

These drums are manufactured by Gawharet El Fan, who is highly acclaimed as one of the best manufacturers in the business. They have been in the business for many, many years, and they are one of the best around! They are known for their unique and high quality pieces, and these New Generation Doumbek are no exception!

When ordering this darbuka, keep in mind the dimensions. The full weight of the drum is around 5 kilograms (11 pounds), and it stands at 44.6 centimeters (17.5 inches) tall.

All in all, the New Generation is a great model of darbuka, that drummers both new and old will appreciate. The price is great, and remember that worldwide shipping is always free!

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