Welcome to another instrument review for ArabInstruments.  Today we'll be talking about the riq.  The riq was designed by the Ancient Egyptians, it is a form of tambourine that was originally used during ceremonial sessions and spiritual gatherings.  It is made from an inlaid wooden frame around 8 to 9 inches in diameter with 5 sets of brass jingles in to rows around the frame.  The head was traditionally made with goat or fish skin.  But with today's improvement in musical instrument technology they are made with synthetic skins, this gives the riq a stable sound throughout it's lifetime unlike natural skin it must be 'warmed' to keep a constant and deep sound using a lit candle or light bulb, which is not practical.

There are many makers of the riq even those that produce fake brand copies of our original brand.  That is the reason we are direct suppliers and close associates with Gawharet El Fan.  Only we can give you the guaranteed craftsmanship of these riqs.  The jingles are thick enough to give a good sound and the slots cut into the frame where they sit isn't too tight or too loose so when hit provide the right length of sound each time.

Some of our designs are beautiful yet simple, and others are laden with intricate art made from mother of pearl.

Choosing the right riq for you is a hit and miss, that being said we offer sound samples for our riqs so that you can pick the right beats for your band or musical pieces.  Buying professional riqs at our store couldn't be easier, and we know you will have a great experience buying one, that we're confident you will start your own collection of riqs very soon.